High-Clearance Rear Bumper – 1 inch BL

working on the swing-out hinge mounts – lots of folk want them.




Here you can see how much I cut off this thing:

That should do it.  🙂


So version 10 was close, but I didn’t like the shape at the bottom of the hatch (I’d like it to mirror the curve at the top of the taillight) and the bumper clearances were way too tight, and the bumper was too long for big tire clearance.  So, on to Version 11.



FINALLY went to steel with this thing to prove it out:

(factory running board cover repurposed as step trim – you saw it here first.)


mis-bend by the bend shop on the bottom of the center section – see how it doesn’t hug the side piece under the back-up light hole?


rock clearance


catching that factory hatch contour line.  🙂

5 thoughts on “High-Clearance Rear Bumper – 1 inch BL”

  1. Any updates?
    Hopefully you’re developing a no BL option to come out relatively soon after initial release ??

  2. Any updates on when this will be released? Just crumpled my factory bumper and need a new one ?

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