FJ80 / FZJ80 LLS

So I love my FZJ80, and am pleased that there is quality aftermarket support for it, but one of the gaping holes in the marketplace was frame-side lower link mount protection (literally no reasonable options to speak of.)

So I’ve taken care of that. 🙂

Like my 4Runner LLS options, this skidplate is both a reinforcement and a ramp to get the mount up and over the obstacle. Weld-on, 3/16″ plate.

I think this one turned out particularly nice, although it took some head-scratching plate-origami to get there.

Want one? They are in production right now (first run will ship in 3 weeks).

ship my FJ80 LLS to me in

To install, I throw a strap around the axle to pull it forward just enough to take the tension off of the bolt for easy removal.

Then the bolt is removed and the LLS can be tapped up into place.
When the inside hole is aligned, put the factory bolt back in and continue to tap the outside upward until it pops over the flanged radius of the factory mount.

At this point the bolt head should be centered in the slot for socket access as shown here:

Now you can scribe a line around the perimeter of the part as reference for where to grind away the paint for welding, remove the LLS, prep the frame, and reinstall to weld it in. I’d put the link in place and torque it, then tack everything, pull the link & finish weld.

when you get to this part, use a drift to fold over the tab so you can have a continuous bead around the inner corner of the frame where it meets the mount:

Also, this slot (running parallel with the centerline of the factory mount) is intended to be a drain, so don’t weld it shut.