Fuel Tank Relocation Mounts

OK, so if you’ve been following this thread on T4R, you know a bunch of us 3rd gen 4Runner guys are relocating our fuel tanks from the factory location and replacing them with f150 auxiliary tanks in the rear, where the factory spare tire mount normally resides. While there is still development work occurring in regard to wiring & plumbing, I’ve designed these weld-on fuel tank mounts to facilitate the actual physical installation of the tank itself.

These were designed to tuck the tank up in between the frame rails where it would protected and position the tank to the left a bit for extra exhaust pipe clearance at the right front corner of the tank. For those of you with a 1″ body lift, you simply need to cut out the spare tire crossmember and weld the mounts to the truck. Those without a body lift will need to clearance the rib below the floor as needed to clear the top of the tank (hey – you’ve already cut the spare tire crossmember out, why stop now?) 😉

Interested? here’s how you get one for yourself – hit the Buy Now button below and pay for your mounts. Simple enough, no?

F150 Fuel Tank Mounts for 3rd gen 4Runner – $173.30 (shipping included in the lower 48)

Please note: orders placed after 5/7/22 will ship on 5/20/22 (going to Utah for a bit)