Lower Shock Mount Reinforcement (LSR)

well, this one took much longer to put in the catalog than I’d intended (it was pretty much ready to go during the pandemic – but better late than never, no?)

I’ve had friends bend the lower shock mount on the 120/150 series axles (4th & 5th gen 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, GX) when coming down hard on a rock – the factory mount is way down there and relatively unsupported – and consequently, prone to bend under the vehicle’s weight.

(Danny’s bent factory shock mount)

what I’ve done to attempt to resolve this is triangulate 3/16″ plate from two directions, and tied the shock mount assembly into the lower link mount (also plated.) the kit includes a pair replacement bolts & washers and reuses the factory locknuts. (be sure to torque the new bolts, not the nuts – and insert the bolt & washer from the wheel side. also, verify clearance for a thin-walled 22mm socket on the bolt head before final welding; it’s a close fit.)

note – you may need to shorten one of the hub studs during installation (see photo)

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