warranty, returns, & cancellations.

I warranty all of my products against substantive defects in material or workmanship. However, as the bulk of these items are non-decorative; no warranty is offered or extended regarding nicks, scratches, light surface corrosion, or other marks typical of raw steel. Also, I do not offer or extend any guarantee of engineering, so make well-informed purchase decisions here as you should anywhere else.

If an issue with the physical condition of a product renders it unusable or unusually difficult to install (i.e., bent during shipping) I will exchange it without delay, assuming there is adequate stock on hand. If not, I will exchange it with the first available part from the very next stocking run. A self-addressed, postage-paid envelope to return the faulty item will accompany its replacement.

This endeavor is a hobby that I conduct outside of regular work hours, entirely self-funded, simply to provide like-minded enthusiasts with quality parts and improvements for their older vehicles. I do my best to maintain adequate stocking levels and deliver quick shipping within a day of your purchase (weekdays) or the following Monday (weekends). Doing so requires me to anticipate future order volumes and adjust inventory accordingly ahead of needs, which can be challenging and difficult to predict accurately – subsequently, there may be shipping delays due to inventory or supply levels. And although I pride myself on quick delivery, I offer no guaranteed ship dates or turn-around times. You are always welcome to inquire about inventory levels before ordering if you have a specific schedule that you are trying to accommodate.

Similarly, and more importantly, due to significant global supply-side delays impacting the industry this autumn as a result of the pandemic – as of October 1st 2020, I am no longer accepting order cancellations arising from any such delays beyond my control. These include restocking delays due to vendors and suppliers whose schedules have been impacted by Covid-19 and the delivery times of the shippers I utilize who are similarly affected.
As noted above, inquiries as to stocking levels before your purchase are welcome if you have a specific schedule that you are trying to accommodate.

I understand that large online retailers have created a culture of no-questions-asked returns as of late; however, that is unsustainable for businesses this size. In those situations, if I can use the item for restocking, then I’ll work with you as best I can on the return – however, in the interest of sustainability, there will be a restocking fee to cover the inspection, repackaging, and communication time involved with the transaction. Of course, exchanges are preferable, if appropriate for your needs.

I appreciate your interest in my designs and products and am honored by the response I’ve gotten from you all in this community. I do, however, want to be able to continue delivering good stuff for our Toyotas and these policies are necessary for me to continue doing so. If any of these aren’t acceptable to you, I encourage you to consider working with one of my dealers to purchase from their on-hand inventory.


– keith.

*North Carolina Sales: As of January 1st, 2021, all NC sales must go through one of my dealers or installers. I appreciate you all patronizing these guys; they’re working hard for your business!