Panhard Correction Kits

3rd gen 4Runner
4th/5th gen 4Runner
GX 470/460
FJ Cruiser
80-series LandCruiser
200-series LandCruiser

100-series LandCruiser
1st gen Sequoia

hi there.

if you’re here, you already know what the eimkeith PCK is – and what it does. if not, you can
check out the 3rd Generation 4Runner version here – and read about its origins
here on thread from

I’ve now got 3rd, 4th/5th generation 4Runner, GX, FJC, and 80-series PCKs, and am working on confirming fitment for you 1st gen Sequoia guys as well!

to proceed, just select the appropriate order button for your Toyota, select your shipping location from the drop-down menu and hit the button. simple!


You’ve checked out the links above about the origins of this PCK, right? 🙂

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4TH & 5TH GEN 4RUNNER    (and GX 470/460, and FJ…)

After designing the PCK for the 3rd Generation 4Runner, I looked at a friend’s 5th Gen, and sure enough, same issues with lifted trucks and no real solution to restoring panhard bar geometry & factory handling characteristics. However, due to the frame design of the 5th Gen I was able to put all of the correction on the axle-side – which actually improves the factory roll center. Pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that this kit works for 4th gen 4Runners also.

Check out the development of this PCK
here on a thread from

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well, I finally got an FZJ80 to play with (triple-locked, of course – 🙂 ) and immediately set about to design some lifted suspension geometry correction for it, starting with the rear Panhard.

-as you may already know from my other product offerings (particularly the PCKs I’ve designed for the other Toyota models above), the stuff I make is primarily weld-on (for strength and simplicity) but retains the use of the factory mounting/pivot points, and as such is reversible in terms of returning the vehicle to stock without necessitating the removal of the brackets.

my designs are also scalable – as your lift or load levels change the rear suspension ride height changes – so your “lift height” is rarely the advertised height (unless totally unladen, in some circumstances) and your static ride height is really determined by the accessories that are added to the rear of the truck and/or the typical load carried. I’ve designed my PCKs to accommodate changes in static ride height or lift levels by providing multiple options for bar mounting.

and finally, by paying particular attention to fitment while designing these parts to make installation as simple and self-aligning as possible by the end-user, I am able to maintain significant cost/quality value across my product offerings – which is even more important after you’ve invested substantial funds into your shocks & coils.

on my FJ80 PCK, the basic lift height correction positions are as follows: (keep in mind what I said about actual lift height at loaded ride height above for final positioning of your bar)

50mm/2″ – use the lower hole on the axle bracket, stock hole on the frame side
75mm/3″ – use the upper hole on the axle bracket, stock hole on the frame
100mm/4″ – use the lower hole on the axle bracket and the new hole in the frame side bracket
125mm/5″ – use the upper hole on the axle bracket and the new hole in the frame side bracket

interested? to order, you’ll need to know what axle is in your FJ80/FZJ80 to select the appropriate kit for your truck.

you will either have a panhard mount with a forward (toward the front of the truck) side that has a flat or V-shaped upper edge. order the corresponding kit for your axle.

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ship my v-shape forward edge PCK to me in:


Well, I finally finished up the PCK for you first gen Sequoia guys! Right now it’s axle-side only, and provides 2.5″ of correction. It may or may not require spacing the factory bump stop to avoid contact with the overhead crossmember at full compression (you guys let me know, ok?).

Also, I’m in the process of making a small frame side drop bracket for you guys that are in the 3.5-4″ lift range.

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200-series LANDCRUISER

And due to popular demand, I’ve made a PCK for the 200-series Land Cruiser. Pretty cool.

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100-series LANDCRUISER

for the 100-series Landcruiser we’re back to a 2-piece solution due to the overhead height constraints of the LC frame above the axle. The initial 2 inches/50.8mm of correction are performed by the axle side bracket, with an additional 40mm available at the frame side, if needed.

the 100-series PCK is brand new as of November 22, so this is a pre-order for the first production run, which will ship out to you guys the first-second week of December.

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