PCK (Panhard Correction Kits)

hi there.

if you’re here, you already know what the eimkeith PCK is – and what it does. if not, you can
check out the 3rd Generation 4Runner version here – and read about its origins
here on thread from T4R.org

I’ve now got 3rd and 4th/5th generation 4Runner PCKs, and am working on confirming fitment for you 1st gen Sequoia guys as well!

Developing this stuff takes a while, so I’ve set up this order page to streamline the ordering process – hopefully saving myself a bit of time so I can work on other stuff for our 4Runners.
(this is a new approach, so feedback is appreciated.)

to proceed, just select generation of your 4Runner, select your shipping location from the drop-down menu and hit the button. simple!


You’ve checked out the links above about the origins of this PCK, right? 🙂


**NOTE** – you guys have bought out my inventory on hand ahead of schedule!

Orders on 3rd gen PCKs placed today will ship on or before 7/20.

Send my 3rd Gen PCK to me in –

4TH & 5TH GEN 4RUNNER    (and GX 470/460, and FJ…)

After designing the PCK for the 3rd Generation 4Runner, I looked at a friend’s 5th Gen, and sure enough, same issues with lifted trucks and no real solution to restoring panhard bar geometry & factory handling characteristics. However, due to the frame design of the 5th Gen I was able to put all of the correction on the axle-side – which actually improves the factory roll center. Pretty cool. What’s even cooler is that this kit works for 4th gen 4Runners also.


Check out the development of this PCK
here on a thread from T4R.org.

Send my 5th Gen PCK to me in –