Low-Profile Full-Length Roof Rack

I’m making a narrow (right above the factory rails), short (right above the roof), Prinsu-style rack with slide-outs for those times when I carry 4×8 sheet goods.

It will be the height of the horizontal line drawn on the measuring platform (this is the only way I could think to get the roof contour accurate.)  🙂

7 thoughts on “Low-Profile Full-Length Roof Rack”

  1. Howdy!
    I have your PCH and love it! Really looking forward to the roof rack and other products!
    Thanks for the hard work.
    Bill Selee
    San Juan Overlanding

  2. I have a extra set of factory rails/mounts that I was thinking about cutting down and welding to my existing rails in order to bring them nearly to the front of the 4Runner. Use nut-sert rivets like the factory did, put the end cap back on and done! Extended factory rail mounts. Now when do an extended cargo basket,(past the sunroof) you actually have a solid location to mount the front of the basket to. This is much better than a foot resting on the front, drilling random holes, or letting your basket be in supported in the front. With this rail/mounting you can build a really low profile basket that bolts directly to the factory sliding nuts that the factory cross bars bolt to. What are your thoughts?

    I have your panhard correction kit. It is top notch.?. I need to sweet talk the wife about the rear bumper kit. I think I’ll ease her into it with the gas tank kit first.

  3. Hey there! I back-burnered this one because the Sherpa guys are killing it! I’ll do my take on the extruded aluminum roof rack toward the end of my T4R build (next year-ish, I suppose)

  4. Hello! Wanted to see if you were still pursuing the ideal of a low profile roofrack? I’d be interested in it as long as you make it able to incorporate a table under neath it. I belive max height for table is 3in. From bottom of rack to roof clearance. Great products hell of a craftsmenship!

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