14 thoughts on “4-Link Rear Suspension”

  1. Is this going to be available for sale when you do complete it? I’m about to buy the BTF fab longtravel kit for the front and this is an awesome product you’re working on that I havent personally seen anywhere else for the 3rd gen.

    T4R username:, VernySanders

  2. yes sir – I’ve been sidetracked with some other stuff, but I’m looking to get back into resolving the 3rdGen 4Runner stuff (this included) this summer/fall. (I miss driving the old girl!)

  3. I’m quite certain you could net a lot of money if you were the first one to come out with something like this. Many guys that want to take their 3rd gen to the next level that already have the front extended travel kits would kick your door down for this!

  4. Would like to add a request for this to be made for ….4th Gen 4Runner.
    I would also be willing to donate my vehicle if needed….. but i also have an entire complete rear end of a 4th gen 4Runner and any other parts/components needed to help make this happen. i will donate for as long as needed.


  5. I’m interested in converting my first gen (2001 double cab) Tacoma to link and coil if these parts might overlap with the Tacoma any. If the 4Runner, however, is limited on arm length / geometry by anything, I’d want to optimize it for the Tacoma before buying.

    I’d also love to recommend Summit Machine aluminum arms and joints (a past employer of mine) as an option.

  6. hey, thank you – that means a lot. The 4-link is what is keeping my 3rd gen on jackstands, so I’m enthusiastic about it (but folks have requested a bunch of stuff for other platforms in the interim, so my schedule gets pushed back a bit…)

  7. Thanks for reaching out! I’m not going to run my 4-link on my 1st gen Taco; I’m designing a 3-link for that. Anything optimized for the 4R is going to be at odds with the Taco wheelbase, I think?

  8. Form, fitment, & function of your parts is amazing. When will the 4 link be available? My 3rd gen NEEDS your 4 link setup.

  9. Thanks Jack! I’m hoping mid-2022 – it’s literally the part that is keeping my own 3rd gen on jackstands at the moment…

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